i am a chicken man/ i have a chicken tan/ from all those hot hot months in mississippi/ the sun burned and ravaged my skin/ everything felt like hot tin/ i did not question the heat i let it be/ i did not hide from the sun under a tree/ i embraced the heat/ covered my burnt chicken skin with a sheet/ my skin felt less and less like felt/ until i felt it no more when i started to melt


account of the day of teeth

I am a tooth and i chatter one time

Just once i swear

I hopped just out of place and they cut me i swear

So milk i drank to beefen me down and i cut back the dentist in january

By then i put on my boots and i stood on my feet and i sayd


The dentist fainted and i walked out the shop and boy i rush

With a couple small toys and a big colored toothbrush and much

And i stopped to play with the toys on my time in the hall

And the man caught me up and sayd give me the toys right now young man

And he sayd all this voox but i dont understand 

So he pick me right up and he take me someplace

And i do whatever and eat jam and do homework all day

I miss being a tooth

A tooth is a job

That i do can quite well

I was one for long

But everyone changes careers they say so 

So it is just standard procedure

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